Amphiboly Meaning in Bengali

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: am-fi-buh-lee

Meanings of Amphiboly in Bengali:

1. দ্ব্যর্থতা (dbyarthota)

2. সন্দেহজনকতা (sandehejanokota)

3. অস্পষ্টতা (aspashtota)

Nearby Words:

1. Ambiguity (Noun) – দ্ব্যর্থতা (dbyarthota)

2. Doubt (Noun) – সন্দেহ (sandehe)

3. Vagueness (Noun) – অস্পষ্টতা (aspashtota)

Amphiboly Synonyms:

1. Ambiguity – দ্ব্যর্থতা (dbyarthota)

2. Uncertainty – অনিশ্চয়তা (anishchayota)

3. Obscurity – অস্পষ্টতা (aspashtota)

4. Confusion – হয়রানি (hoyrani)

5. Indistinctness – অস্পষ্টতা (aspashtota)


Amphiboly refers to a linguistic ambiguity or confusion caused by unclear sentence structure or phrasing. It occurs when a sentence can be interpreted in multiple ways due to its structure or wording. In Bengali, amphiboly is known as “দ্ব্যর্থতা” (dbyarthota) or “সন্দেহজনকতা” (sandehejanokota). It often leads to misunderstandings or misinterpretations of the intended meaning. Amphiboly can be found in various forms of communication, including written text, speeches, and conversations.


1. Clarity – স্পষ্টতা (spashtota)

2. Certainty – নিশ্চিততা (nishchitota)

3. Precision – নির্দিষ্টতা (nirdishtota)

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