Amphan Meaning in Bengali

Amphan (আমফান) is a Bengali word that refers to a severe tropical cyclone. It is derived from the Thai word “ampān” meaning “sky” or “heaven”.

Part of Speech

Amphan is a noun.



Nearby Words

  • Cyclone (noun) – ঘূর্ণিঝড়
  • Storm (noun) – ঝড়
  • Disaster (noun) – বিপর্যয়
  • Devastation (noun) – ধ্বংস
  • Rainfall (noun) – বৃষ্টিপাত

Amphan Synonyms

  • Typhoon – জলপ্র঳য়
  • Hurricane – ঝড়
  • Cyclone – ঘূর্ণিঝড়
  • Tempest – ঝড়
  • Tornado – ঘূর্ণিঝড়
  • Whirlwind – ঘূর্ণিঝড়


Amphan is a severe tropical cyclone that originated in the Bay of Bengal. It caused widespread destruction and loss of life in the coastal regions of India and Bangladesh. The cyclone had wind speeds of up to 185 km/h and heavy rainfall, leading to flooding and extensive damage to infrastructure. The name “Amphan” was given by Thailand and it means “sky” or “heaven”. The cyclone left a trail of devastation, affecting millions of people and displacing many from their homes. Efforts are underway to provide relief and support to the affected areas.


  • Calm – শান্তি
  • Peace – শান্তি
  • Serenity – শান্তি
  • Tranquility – শান্তি
  • Stillness – শান্তি

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