Amortised Meaning in Bengali

Amortised is the past participle form of the verb amortise. It is pronounced as uh-mawr-tahyz.

Meanings of Amortised in Bengali:

  1. আবাদ করা (abad kara) – Verb
  2. ক্ষয় করা (kshay kara) – Verb
  3. প্রতিপাদ্য করা (pratipadya kara) – Verb

Nearby Words:

  • Amortisation – আবাদকরণ (abadkaran) – Noun
  • Amortise – আবাদ করা (abad kara) – Verb
  • Amortised Cost – আবাদিত মূল্য (abadit mulya) – Noun

Amortised Synonyms:

  • Repay – পরিশোধ করা (porishodh kara)
  • Settle – পরিশোধ করা (porishodh kara)
  • Clear – পরিশোধ করা (porishodh kara)
  • Liquidate – পরিশোধ করা (porishodh kara)
  • Pay off – পরিশোধ করা (porishodh kara)


The term amortised refers to the process of gradually paying off a debt or loan over a period of time through regular payments. It involves the reduction of the principal amount by making periodic installments that include both the principal and interest. In Bengali, it means আবাদ করা (abad kara) or ক্ষয় করা (kshay kara). Amortisation is commonly used in financial contexts, such as mortgage loans or long-term investments. It allows borrowers to spread out the repayment of a loan, making it more manageable and affordable. By amortising a loan, the borrower gradually reduces their debt until it is fully paid off.


  • Borrow – ধার নেওয়া (dhar neoya)
  • Owe – ঋণপত্র থাকা (rinpatra thaka)

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