Amortisation Meaning in Bengali

Amortisation, অ্যামর্টিজেশন, is a financial term that refers to the process of spreading out the cost of an intangible asset or a loan over a specific period. It involves making regular payments to reduce the principal amount gradually.

Part of Speech of Amortisation: Noun

Pronunciation of Amortisation: (uh-mawr-tuh-zey-shuhn)

Nearby Words:

  • Amortise (Verb) – অ্যামর্টাইজ করা
  • Amortisation Schedule (Noun) – অ্যামর্টাইজেশন সময়সূচি
  • Amortisation Period (Noun) – অ্যামর্টাইজেশন সময়কাল

Amortisation Synonyms:

  • Repayment – পরিশোধ
  • Reduction – হ্রাস
  • Liquidation – পরিশোধ
  • Settlement – পরিশোধ
  • Clearance – পরিশোধ
  • Discharge – পরিশোধ


Amortisation is a financial concept that allows individuals or businesses to gradually pay off a debt or allocate the cost of an intangible asset over time. It helps in managing cash flow by dividing the total amount into smaller, regular payments. This method is commonly used for loans, mortgages, and intangible assets like patents or copyrights.


  • Accumulation – সংগ্রহ
  • Increment – বৃদ্ধি
  • Build-up – সংগ্রহ

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