Amorous Meaning in Bengali

Amorous is an adjective that describes someone who is showing or expressing love or sexual desire. It can also refer to something that is related to love or sexual desire.



Nearby Words:

  • Amorously (adverb) – প্রেমপূর্ণভাবে
  • Amorousness (noun) – প্রেমপূর্ণতা
  • Amorist (noun) – প্রেমপূর্ণ লোক

Amorous Synonyms:

  • Romantic – রোমান্টিক
  • Loving – প্রেমময়
  • Passionate – আগুনে প্রবল
  • Desirous – আকাঙ্ক্ষী
  • Infatuated – মুগ্ধ
  • Lustful – কামুক


The term “amorous” refers to someone or something that is associated with love or sexual desire. It can describe a person who is expressing affection or desire towards another person. In Bengali, it is translated as “প্রেমপূর্ণ” (prem-purno). This word is commonly used to describe romantic relationships or passionate encounters. It can also be used to describe objects or situations that evoke feelings of love or desire. For example, a beautiful sunset or a romantic movie can be described as amorous. The term “amorous” is often used in literature and poetry to depict intense emotions and desires.


  • Unromantic – অরোমান্টিক
  • Unloving – অপ্রেমিক
  • Platonic – প্লেটনিক
  • Indifferent – উদাসীন
  • Apathetic – অবস্থির

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