Amoebic Meaning in Bengali

Amoebic meaning in Bengali refers to the meaning of the word “amoebic” in the Bengali language. It is important to note that “amoebic” is an English word, and its meaning in Bengali is a translation of the English term.

Part of Speech of Amoebic: Adjective

Pronunciation of Amoebic: (uh-mee-bik)

Nearby Words:

  • Amoeba (Noun) – অ্যামিবা, অ্যামিবার প্রজাতি
  • Amoeboid (Adjective) – অ্যামিবার মতো, অ্যামিবার আকৃতি
  • Amoebocyte (Noun) – অ্যামিবাসদৃশ কণিকা

Amoebic Synonyms:

  • Protozoal – প্রোটোজোয়াল
  • Parasitic – পারজীবী
  • Microbial – মাইক্রোবায়োলজিক
  • Single-celled – এককোষী
  • Pathogenic – রোগজনক


The term “amoebic” refers to anything related to or resembling an amoeba, which is a type of single-celled organism. In Bengali, the word “amoebic” can be used to describe something that is similar to or characteristic of an amoeba. It is often used in the context of biology or medicine to describe diseases or conditions caused by amoebas or resembling their characteristics.


  • Non-parasitic – অপারজীবী
  • Macroscopic – বড় আকারের
  • Multi-cellular – বহুকোষী

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