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Amoeba, a noun, refers to a microscopic single-celled organism that moves by extending its pseudopodia. It is commonly known as “অ্যামিবা” in Bengali.

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  • Amoeboid (adjective) – অ্যামিবার মতো, অ্যামিবার আকৃতি ধারণ করা
  • Amoebic (adjective) – অ্যামিবার সম্পর্কিত, অ্যামিবার জন্য
  • Microorganism (noun) – অণুজীবী, অণুজীবী জীবাণু

Amoeba Synonyms

  • Protist – প্রোটিস্ট
  • Microbe – অণুজীবী
  • Protozoan – প্রোটোজোয়ান
  • Cell – কোষ
  • Organism – জীব


Amoeba is a microscopic organism that belongs to the kingdom Protista. It is characterized by its ability to change shape and move by extending pseudopodia. Amoebas are found in various aquatic environments and play a significant role in the ecosystem as decomposers. They feed on bacteria, algae, and other small organisms. Amoebas reproduce through a process called binary fission, where one cell divides into two identical cells. They are fascinating creatures to study under a microscope and have contributed to scientific research in various fields.


  • Macroorganism – বড় জীব
  • Multicellular – বহুকোষী
  • Complex – জটিল

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