Ammo Meaning in Bengali

Ammo is a noun that refers to ammunition or bullets used in firearms. It is pronounced as /ˈæmoʊ/.

Nearby Words

  • Ammunition (noun) – বন্দুকের গুলি, বন্দুকের বিষাক্ত গুলি
  • Firearm (noun) – বন্দুক, অস্ত্র
  • Gun (noun) – বন্দুক, অস্ত্র
  • Bullet (noun) – গুলি, বিষাক্ত গুলি
  • Weapon (noun) – অস্ত্র, শস্ত্র

Ammo Synonyms

  • Ammunition – বন্দুকের গুলি
  • Bullets – গুলি
  • Cartridges – কার্ট্রিজ
  • Projectiles – প্রজেক্টাইল
  • Shells – খোলা
  • Munitions – যুদ্ধাভার


The term “ammo” is commonly used to refer to ammunition or bullets used in firearms. It is an essential component for operating firearms and is available in various types and calibers. Ammunition is designed to be loaded into firearms and expelled through the barrel to strike a target. It plays a crucial role in military, law enforcement, and recreational shooting activities. The availability and use of ammo are regulated in many countries to ensure safety and prevent misuse. Proper handling and storage of ammunition are important to prevent accidents and ensure its longevity.


  • Peace – শান্তি
  • Harmony – সমন্বয়
  • Truce – সম্প্রদায়
  • Nonviolence – অহিংসা
  • Disarmament – অস্ত্রবিহীনতা

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