along side

Alongside: Meaning in Bengali, Synonyms, Antonyms, Nearby Words

Meaning in Bengali:

পাশে, পাশাপাশি, পাশের পাশে, পাশের পাশাপাশি

Part of Speech:





Beside, Next to, Adjacent to, Parallel to, Abreast of


পাশের বিপরীতে (Opposite to alongside)

Nearby Words:

  • Alone (Adverb)
  • Aloud (Adverb)
  • Aloof (Adjective)
  • Alphabet (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

  • “The new building will be constructed alongside the existing one.” – The Daily Star, 15th March 2022
  • “The government plans to build a new road alongside the river.” – The Daily Observer, 20th April 2022
  • “The company launched a new product alongside their flagship model.” – The Financial Express, 5th May 2022
  • “The artist displayed his latest artwork alongside famous masterpieces.” – The Independent, 10th June 2022

Meaning in different languages:

  • Bengali: পাশে
  • Arabic: بجانب
  • Chinese: 旁边
  • Tamil: பக்கத்தில்
  • Urdu: کے ساتھ
  • Telugu: పక్కన
  • Russian: рядом

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