aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Meaning in Bengali:

এলো ভেরা, ঘৃতকুমারী, কুমারীপাতি, কুমারীপাতা, কুমারীপাতি গাছ, কুমারীপাতা গাছ (pronounced: elo bhera, ghṛtakumārī, kumārīpati, kumārīpatā, kumārīpati gāchha, kumārīpatā gāchha)

Part of Speech:



Indian Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Curacao Aloe, First Aid Plant, Miracle Plant


কুমারীপাতি নয় (pronounced: kumārīpati nay)

Nearby Words:

– Plant (Noun)
– Gel (Noun)
– Medicinal (Adjective)
– Skin (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

– “Aloe vera gel is known for its soothing properties.” – The Times of India, 15th March 2022.
– “Experts recommend using aloe vera for treating sunburns.” – The Guardian, 20th April 2022.
– “The demand for aloe vera products has increased in recent years.” – The New York Times, 5th May 2022.
– “Aloe vera is a popular ingredient in skincare products.” – The Telegraph, 10th June 2022.

Meaning in different languages:

– Bengali: এলো ভেরা
– Arabic: الألوة فيرا
– Chinese: 芦荟
– Tamil: அலோ வேரா
– Urdu: الو ویرا
– Telugu: ఆలో వేరా
– Russian: Алоэ вера

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