Meaning in Bengali:

আকর্ষিত (ākôrṣito), মোহিত (mōhito), প্রলুব্ধ (pralubdho), আকৃষ্ট (ākṛṣṭa)

Part of Speech:




Allured Synonyms:

Attracted, Charmed, Fascinated, Tempted, Enchanted, Captivated

Allured Antonyms:

অপমানিত (apamānita) – Insulted, অপমান করা (apamāna kôra) – Disrespect, অপমান করা (apamāna kôra) – Humiliate, অপমান করা (apamāna kôra) – Offend

Nearby Words:

1. Allure (Noun)
2. Allurement (Noun)
3. Alluringly (Adverb)
4. Alluringness (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

1. “The beauty of the city allured tourists from all over the world.” – The Daily Star, 15th March 2022.
2. “The luxurious amenities of the hotel allured many guests to extend their stay.” – The Independent, 20th June 2022.
3. “The charismatic personality of the speaker allured the audience, leaving them captivated.” – The Times of India, 5th September 2022.
4. “The exquisite flavors of the dish allured food enthusiasts to try it.” – The Guardian, 10th November 2022.

Meaning in different languages:

– Bengali: আকর্ষিত (ākôrṣito)
– Arabic: جذب (jazb)
– Chinese: 引诱 (yǐnyòu)
– Tamil: மகிழ்ச்சி அளிக்கும் (Magilcchi aḷikkum)
– Urdu: لبھایا (labhaya)
– Telugu: ఆకర్షించిన (Ākarṣin̄cina)
– Russian: соблазненный (soblaznennyy)

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