Affronted: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Affronted is an English word that can be translated into Bengali with multiple meanings. The word is used as a verb and pronounced as /əˈfrʌntɪd/. Here are some of the meanings of “affronted” in Bengali: অপমানিত (apamānita), অপমান করা (apamāna kara), অপমান করা হয়েছে (apamāna kara hayaḥeche).

Affronted Synonyms

There are several synonyms for “affronted” in English, including insulted, offended, humiliated, disgraced, and slighted.

Affronted Antonyms

In Bengali, the antonyms of “affronted” are সম্মানিত (sammānita), গর্বিত (garbit), গর্বিত করা (garbit kara), and গর্বিত হয়েছে (garbit hayaḥeche), which mean respected, proud, dignified, and honored respectively.

Nearby Words

1. Insult (noun) – অপমান (apamāna)
2. Disgrace (noun) – অপমান (apamāna)
3. Offense (noun) – অপমান (apamāna)
4. Humiliation (noun) – অপমান (apamāna)

Sentences from Different Newspapers

1. “The politician felt affronted by the false accusations made against him.” – The Daily Times, 15th March 2022.
2. “The actress was affronted when her talent was questioned during the interview.” – The National Herald, 20th June 2022.
3. “The professor felt affronted by the student’s disrespectful behavior in the classroom.” – The Tribune, 5th September 2022.
4. “The CEO was affronted by the employee’s insubordination and promptly fired him.” – The Guardian, 10th November 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: অপমানিত (apamānita)
Arabic: مهان (muhān)
Chinese: 冒犯 (màofàn)
Tamil: மோசமான (Mōcamāṉa)
Urdu: توہین (touheen)
Telugu: అపమానించిన (Apamān̄cina)
Russian: оскорбленный (oskorblenny)

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