Affront: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Affront meaning in Bengali: অপমান (apomān), অপমান করা (apomān kora)

Part of speech: noun, verb

Pronunciation: uh-fruhnt

Affront Synonyms

Insult, offense, slight, indignity, humiliation, disrespect, provocation, outrage, affrontment

Affront Antonyms

Compliment (প্রশংসা), praise (প্রশংসা করা), honor (সম্মান), respect (সম্মান করা)

Nearby Words

Insult (noun), Disrespect (noun), Offense (noun), Provocation (noun)

Sentences Used in Different Newspapers

1. “The politician’s comments were seen as an affront to the entire community.” – The Daily News, 10th March 2022

2. “The company’s decision to lay off employees without notice was an affront to their rights.” – The Times, 15th April 2022

3. “The artist felt affronted when his work was criticized by the renowned critic.” – The Guardian, 20th May 2022

4. “The team’s defeat in the championship was an affront to their months of hard work.” – The Sun, 5th June 2022

Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: অপমান (apomān)

Arabic: إهانة (ihānah)

Chinese: 冒犯 (màofàn)

Tamil: மோசமான (Mōcamāṉa)

Urdu: توہین (touheen)

Telugu: అపమానం (Apamānaṁ)

Russian: оскорбление (oskorbleniye)

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