Affliction: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Affliction meaning in Bengali: আপত্তি, বিপদ, কষ্ট, দুঃখ, বিপন্নতা

Part of speech: Noun

Pronunciation: uh-flik-shuhn

Affliction Synonyms

1. Misfortune

2. Suffering

3. Distress

4. Tribulation

5. Hardship

Affliction Antonyms

সুখ, সৌখিন্য, আনন্দ, সুখদায়ক

(Translation: Happiness, Joy, Pleasure, Delightful)

Nearby Words

1. Agony (Noun)

2. Anguish (Noun)

3. Misery (Noun)

4. Torment (Noun)

Sentences Used in Different Newspapers

1. “The affliction caused by the pandemic has affected the economy severely.” – The Daily Times, 15th March 2022

2. “The government is taking measures to alleviate the affliction faced by the farmers.” – The National Herald, 20th April 2022

3. “The affliction of poverty can be overcome through education and empowerment.” – The Guardian, 5th May 2022

4. “The recent natural calamity has added to the affliction of the already struggling population.” – The Independent, 10th June 2022

Meaning in Different Languages

Bengali: আপত্তি

Arabic: محنة

Chinese: 苦难

Tamil: துயரம்

Urdu: مصیبت

Telugu: అపాయం

Russian: страдание

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