Afflict: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Afflict meaning in Bengali: আঘাত করা, বিপদ দেওয়া, কষ্ট দেওয়া, বিপদ প্রদান করা

Part of speech: verb

Pronunciation: uh-flikt

Afflict Synonyms

Trouble, torment, distress, plague, burden, harass, oppress, worry, trouble, pain, grieve, sadden, vex, agonize, pester, bother, irritate, torment, trouble, harass, distress, burden, oppress, worry, pain, grieve, sadden, vex, agonize, pester, bother, irritate

Afflict Antonyms (with meaning in Bengali)

Comfort (সান্ত্বনা), soothe (শান্ত করা), relieve (উপশম করা), please (আনন্দিত করা)

Nearby Words

Agony (noun), Suffering (noun), Misery (noun), Distress (noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers

1. “The pandemic continues to afflict the world, causing immense suffering.” – The New York Times, 15th March 2022

2. “The economic crisis has afflicted the country for years, leaving many in poverty.” – The Guardian, 20th June 2021

3. “A severe drought is afflicting the region, leading to water shortages.” – The Times of India, 5th September 2020

4. “The disease afflicts millions of people worldwide, requiring urgent attention.” – The Washington Post, 10th November 2019

Meaning in different languages

Bengali: আঘাত করা

Arabic: يُصِيبُ

Chinese: 折磨

Tamil: துயில்க்குடி

Urdu: پریشان کرنا

Telugu: కష్టపడించే

Russian: страдать

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