Affiliations: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali:

সংলগ্নতা, সম্পর্ক, সম্পর্কস্থাপন, সম্পর্কবিধি, সংলগ্নতাবিধি

Part of Speech:




Affiliations Synonyms:

1. Associations
2. Connections
3. Alliances
4. Relationships
5. Partnerships

Affiliations Antonyms:

বিচ্ছেদ, বিয়োগ, বিচ্ছেদন, বিচ্ছেদক, বিচ্ছেদকরণ

Nearby Words:

1. Association (Noun)
2. Attachments (Noun)
3. Bonds (Noun)
4. Collaborations (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

1. “The company announced its affiliation with a renowned international organization.” – The Daily Times, 15th March 2022.
2. “The politician’s affiliations with controversial groups raised concerns among the public.” – The National Herald, 2nd April 2022.
3. “The university’s affiliation with top research institutes enhances its academic reputation.” – The Guardian, 10th May 2022.
4. “The athlete’s affiliation with a sports brand resulted in lucrative endorsement deals.” – The Sports Gazette, 20th June 2022.

Meaning in different languages:

– Bengali: সংলগ্নতা
– Arabic: انتماءات
– Chinese: 隶属关系
– Tamil: இணையம்
– Urdu: تعلقات
– Telugu: అనుబంధాలు
– Russian: аффилиации

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