affiliation fee

Affiliation Fee

Meaning in Bengali:

সংলগ্নতা ফি

Part of Speech:



[uh-fil-ee-ey-shuhn fee]

Affiliation Fee Synonyms:

– Membership fee
– Association fee
– Joining fee
– Subscription fee

Affiliation Fee Antonyms:

সংলগ্নতা ফির বিপরীত অর্থ নেই।

Nearby Words:

– Membership (Noun)
– Association (Noun)
– Joining (Noun)
– Subscription (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

– “The university has increased the affiliation fee for new colleges.” – The Times of India, 15th March 2022.
– “The sports club announced a reduction in the affiliation fee for the upcoming season.” – The Guardian, 20th April 2022.
– “The government has waived off the affiliation fee for small businesses.” – The Economic Times, 5th May 2022.
– “The association decided to revise the affiliation fee structure to attract more members.” – The Telegraph, 10th June 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages:

– Bengali: সংলগ্নতা ফি
– Arabic: رسوم الانتساب
– Chinese: 附属费
– Tamil: இணையத்துவ கட்டணம்
– Urdu: وابستگی فیس
– Telugu: అనుబంధ ఫీ
– Russian: вступительный взнос


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