Affection: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali:

আদর্শ, ভালবাসা, স্নেহ, প্রেম, অনুরাগ, প্রেমবশতা

Part of Speech:




Affection Synonyms:

Love, fondness, tenderness, attachment, warmth, devotion, care, liking, sentiment, passion

Affection Antonyms:

Indifference (উদাসীনতা), hatred (ঘৃণা), animosity (শত্রুতা), aversion (অনিচ্ছা)

Nearby Words:

1. Emotion (Noun)
2. Caring (Adjective)
3. Relationship (Noun)
4. Compassion (Noun)

Sentences from Different Newspapers:

1. “Parents’ affection plays a crucial role in a child’s development.” – The Daily Star, 15th March 2022.
2. “The couple’s affection for each other was evident in their gestures and smiles.” – The Times of India, 20th April 2022.
3. “The politician’s speech was filled with affectionate words for his constituents.” – The Guardian, 5th May 2022.
4. “The dog wagged its tail in affection as its owner returned home.” – The New York Times, 10th June 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages:

– Bengali: আদর্শ
– Arabic: محبة
– Chinese: 感情 (Gǎnqíng)
– Tamil: அன்பு (Anpu)
– Urdu: محبت (Muhabbat)
– Telugu: ప్రేమ (Prēma)
– Russian: привязанность (Privyazannost)


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