Affable: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Affable is an English word that can be translated into Bengali with multiple meanings. The word is used as an adjective to describe someone who is friendly, approachable, and easy to talk to. The pronunciation of “affable” is [af-uh-buhl].

Affable Synonyms

Some synonyms of “affable” include cordial, genial, amiable, pleasant, sociable, and friendly.

Affable Antonyms

The antonyms of “affable” in Bengali are অমনোহারী (amonohari) meaning “unpleasant” and অমিত্র (amitra) meaning “unfriendly”.

Nearby Words

  • Amiable (adjective) – সুস্বাদু (suswadu)
  • Approachable (adjective) – প্রবেশ্য (probeśya)
  • Charming (adjective) – আকর্ষণীয় (akarṣaṇīya)
  • Convivial (adjective) – সংগঠিত (sangathita)

Sentences from Newspapers

  • “The affable politician greeted his supporters with a warm smile.” – The Daily Times, 10th March 2022
  • “The affable CEO of the company made sure to personally thank each employee for their hard work.” – The Business Chronicle, 25th June 2022
  • “Her affable nature made her a favorite among her colleagues.” – The Evening Gazette, 5th September 2022
  • “The affable host of the talk show effortlessly engaged the audience with his wit and charm.” – The Entertainment Weekly, 15th November 2022

Meaning in Different Languages

  • Bengali: সুখের মতো (sukher moto)
  • Arabic: ودود (wadud)
  • Chinese: 和蔼可亲 (hé ǎi kě qīn)
  • Tamil: நல்லவராக (nallavaraaka)
  • Urdu: خوش اخلاق (khush ikhlaq)
  • Telugu: సౌహార్దపూర్ణ (saubhārdapūrṇa)
  • Russian: приветливый (privetlivyy)

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