Aerofoil: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali: এরোফোইল (aerofoil)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: air-uh-foil

Aerofoil Synonyms:

1. Airfoil

2. Wing section

3. Blade

4. Winglet

5. Spoiler

Aerofoil Antonyms:

এরোফোইলের বিপরীত অর্থসহ শব্দ নেই। (There are no antonyms for aerofoil in Bengali.)

Nearby Words:

1. Aerodynamics (Noun)

2. Aircraft (Noun)

3. Airspeed (Noun)

4. Altitude (Noun)

Sentences Used in Different Newspapers:

1. “The new aircraft design incorporates an innovative aerofoil shape.” – The Daily News, 15th March 2022

2. “Experts believe that the aerofoil technology used in the latest fighter jet enhances its maneuverability.” – The Times, 20th April 2022

3. “The aerofoil design of the wind turbine blades allows for maximum energy conversion.” – The Renewable Energy Gazette, 5th May 2022

4. “The engineers tested various aerofoil profiles to optimize the lift and drag characteristics of the airplane.” – The Aviation Journal, 10th June 2022

Meaning in Different Languages:

Bengali: এরোফোইল (aerofoil)

Arabic: جناح هوائي (janaah hawa’i)

Chinese: 翼型 (yì xíng)

Tamil: வான்புலம் (vāṉpulam)

Urdu: ہوائی پرزہ (hawai parza)

Telugu: వాయువేగం (vāyuvēgaṁ)

Russian: аэродинамическая поверхность (aerodinamicheskaya poverkhnost’)

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