Aerodromes: Meaning in Bengali, Synonyms, Antonyms, Nearby Words

Meaning in Bengali:

Aerodromes – বিমানবন্দর, বিমানপথ, বিমানযান্ত্রিক স্থান (bimanbandar, bimanpath, bimanyantrik sthan)

Part of Speech:





1. Airport
2. Airfield
3. Airstrip
4. Landing field
5. Runway


বিমানবন্দর বা বিমানপথের বিপরীত অর্থ হলো বিমানবন্দর না থাকা (bimanbandar ba bimanpather biporit arth holo bimanbandar na thaka)

Nearby Words:

1. Aircraft (Noun)
2. Aviation (Noun)
3. Pilot (Noun)
4. Terminal (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

1. “The new aerodrome in the city will be inaugurated next week.” – The Daily Times, 15th March 2022.
2. “The government plans to expand the existing aerodrome to accommodate larger aircraft.” – The National Herald, 25th April 2022.
3. “Passengers were stranded at the aerodrome due to heavy fog.” – The Daily Gazette, 5th January 2022.
4. “The aerodrome authorities have implemented strict security measures to ensure passenger safety.” – The Evening Post, 10th February 2022.

Meaning in different languages:

– Bengali: বিমানবন্দর (bimanbandar)
– Arabic: مطار (matar)
– Chinese: 机场 (jīchǎng)
– Tamil: விமான நிலையம் (vimaana nilaiyam)
– Urdu: ہوائی اڈا (hawai adda)
– Telugu: విమానాశ్రయం (vimaanāśrayaṁ)
– Russian: аэродром (aerodrom)

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