Advisers: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali: পরামর্শকারীগণ (poramorshokarigon), পরামর্শক (poramorshok)

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: uhd-vahy-zerz

Advisers Synonyms:

1. Counselors

2. Consultants

3. Mentors

4. Guides

5. Experts

Advisers Antonyms:

অপরামর্শক (aparamorshok) – Non-adviser

Nearby Words:

1. Advice (Noun)

2. Advise (Verb)

3. Advisable (Adjective)

4. Advisedly (Adverb)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

1. “The Prime Minister met with his economic advisers to discuss the current financial situation.” – The Daily Times, 10th March 2022

2. “The company’s board of directors appointed a team of advisers to guide them through the merger process.” – The Business Chronicle, 15th June 2022

3. “The President’s advisers recommended a diplomatic approach to resolve the international conflict.” – The National Gazette, 3rd September 2022

4. “The celebrity sought the advice of her trusted advisers before making a career-changing decision.” – The Entertainment Weekly, 20th November 2022

Meaning in different languages:

Bengali: পরামর্শকারীগণ (poramorshokarigon)

Arabic: مستشارون (mustasharon)

Chinese: 顾问 (gùwèn)

Tamil: ஆலோசகர்கள் (ālōcakarkaḷ)

Urdu: مشیرین (mushireen)

Telugu: సలహాదారులు (salahādārulu)

Russian: советники (sovetniki)

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