Adventurous: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali:

সাহসী, প্রচন্ড, অভিযানমূলক, সাহসিক, জোরালো, সাহসপূর্ণ, সাহসিকমূলক, প্রবণতা, প্রবণতামূলক, প্রবণতাপূর্ণ

Part of Speech:




Adventurous Synonyms:

Daring, Bold, Courageous, Audacious, Fearless, Brave, Risk-taking, Venturesome, Intrepid, Valiant

Adventurous Antonyms:

Cautious – সতর্ক, সাবধান, সতর্কবাণী, সতর্কতা
Timid – বিহ্বল, ভীরু, ভীরুতা, ভীরুত্ব
Cowardly – ভীরু, ভীরুতা, ভীরুত্ব, ভীরুতাপূর্ণ
Fearful – ভীরু, ভীরুতা, ভীরুত্ব, ভীরুতাপূর্ণ

Nearby Words:

Nerve – Noun
Thrilling – Adjective
Exciting – Adjective
Bravery – Noun

Sentences from Different Newspapers:

1. “The adventurous trek to the mountain peak attracted many thrill-seekers.” – The Daily Adventure, 15th July 2022.
2. “The adventurous couple explored the dense forest, discovering hidden waterfalls.” – The Explorer Times, 3rd September 2022.
3. “The adventurous journey across the desert tested their endurance and determination.” – The Adventurer’s Gazette, 21st June 2022.
4. “The adventurous spirit of the young mountaineer inspired others to conquer their fears.” – The Braveheart Chronicle, 9th November 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages:

Bengali: সাহসী
Arabic: مغامر
Chinese: 冒险的
Tamil: துயர்வான
Urdu: جوانمردانہ
Telugu: సాహసంగా
Russian: авантюрный

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