Aboriginal: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali: আদিম, আদিবাসী, প্রাচীন, স্থানীয়, জন্মভূমি

Part of Speech: Adjective, Noun

Pronunciation: ab-uh-rij-uh-nl

Aboriginal Synonyms:

Native, Indigenous, Original, Autochthonous, Primitive

Aboriginal Antonyms:

Foreign, Non-native, Immigrant, Alien – বিদেশী, অন্যদেশীয়, প্রবাসী, বিদেশীবাসী

Nearby Words:

Indigenous (Adjective), Tribe (Noun), Native (Adjective), Prehistoric (Adjective)

Sentences from Different Newspapers:

1. “The aboriginal tribes of the region have a rich cultural heritage.” – The Daily Times, 15th March 2022

2. “The government is taking steps to protect the rights of the aboriginal population.” – The National Herald, 28th June 2022

3. “The aboriginal community organized a traditional dance performance to celebrate their heritage.” – The Tribune, 5th September 2022

4. “The aboriginal people have been living in harmony with nature for centuries.” – The Guardian, 10th November 2022

Meaning in Different Languages:

Bengali: আদিম, Arabic: أصلي, Chinese: 土著, Tamil: புராதன, Urdu: اصلی, Telugu: ప్రాచీన, Russian: аборигенный

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