Clays Meaning in Bengali: মাটি, কাঁচা, কাঁচামাটি, মৃত্তিকা

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: /kleɪz/

Nearby Words:

  • Sand (Noun) – বালি
  • Mud (Noun) – কিচ্ছা
  • Soil (Noun) – মাটি
  • Earth (Noun) – পৃথিবী
  • Stone (Noun) – পাথর

Clays Synonyms:

Origin of Clays:

The word “clays” originated from the Middle English word “clai” and Old English word “clæg”.


Usage in English Sentences:

  1. Clays are commonly used in pottery.
  2. She molded the clays into beautiful sculptures.
  3. The artist used different clays to create unique textures.
  4. Clays can be found in various colors and consistencies.
  5. They dug up the clays to build the foundation of the house.

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