civet cat

Civet Cat Meaning in Bengali: জঙ্গলী বিড়াল, জঙ্গলী মার্জার, জঙ্গলী মার্জার বিড়াল (Noun)

Pronunciation: (siv-it kat)

Nearby Words:

  • Wild (Adjective) – বন্য
  • Cat (Noun) – বিড়াল
  • Mammal (Noun) – স্তন্যপায়ী

Civet Cat Synonyms:

Origin of Civet Cat: The term “civet cat” originated from the French word “civet” which refers to the musky secretion produced by the animal’s perineal glands.


  • Tame – পালতো
  • Domestic – গৃহস্থ

Usage in English Sentences:

  • The civet cat is known for its strong scent.
  • She spotted a civet cat in the forest.
  • The civet cat is a nocturnal animal.
  • He studied the behavior of civet cats in the wild.
  • The civet cat is native to Southeast Asia.

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