Cinque Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the word “cinque” can have several meanings. It can be translated as “পাঁচ” (pāñc), meaning “five,” or “পাঁচটি” (pāñcaṭi), meaning “five pieces.” The word can also be used to refer to a group of five people or things, which can be translated as “পঞ্চজন” (pañcajana) or “পাঁচজন” (pāñcajana).

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (sink)

Nearby Words:

  • Five (Noun) – পাঁচ, পাঁচটি
  • Group (Noun) – গোষ্ঠী
  • People (Noun) – মানুষ
  • Things (Noun) – জিনিস

Cinque Synonyms:

Origin of Cinque:

The word “cinque” originated from the Italian word “cinque,” which means “five.”


Usage in English Sentences:

  1. I have five apples. (আমার পাঁচটি আপেল আছে।)
  2. The group consists of five people. (গোষ্ঠিটি পঞ্চজন মানুষ থেকে গঠিত।)
  3. She divided the cake into five pieces. (তিনি কেকটি পাঁচটি খণ্ডে ভাগ করলেন।)
  4. They formed a quintet and performed at the concert. (তারা একটি পঞ্চজন গঠন করে এবং সংগীত সংবাদে অংশ নিলেন।)
  5. The quinary system is based on the number five. (পঞ্চত্ব পদ্ধতি পাঁচের উপর ভিত্তি করে।)

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