Cecils Meaning in Bengali

In Bengali, the word “cecils” can have several meanings. Some of the Bengali meanings of “cecils” include: সিসিলস, সিসিলসের অর্থ, সিসিলসের বাংলা অর্থ।

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (sɛsɪlz)

Nearby Words:

  • 1. Cecil: Noun, সিসিল, সিসিলের অর্থ। See more about Cecil meaning in Bengali.
  • 2. Cecilia: Noun, সিসিলিয়া, সিসিলিয়ার অর্থ। See more about Cecilia meaning in Bengali.
  • 3. Cease: Verb, বন্ধ করা, বন্ধ করার অর্থ। See more about Cease meaning in Bengali.

Cecils Synonyms:

Origin of “Cecils”:

The origin of the word “cecils” is uncertain.


Usage in English Sentences:

  • 1. The meaning of “cecils” in Bengali is সিসিলস.
  • 2. He couldn’t understand the cecils of the poem.
  • 3. The word “cecils” has multiple interpretations.
  • 4. She searched for the cecils of the ancient text.
  • 5. The cecils of the phrase were lost in translation.

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