bush whacker

Bush Whacker Meaning in Bengali: বুশ হামলাকারী, বুশ মারকাটা, বুশ কাটা, বুশ মারা, বুশ হত্যাকারী

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (boosh-wak-er)

Nearby Words:

  • 1. Machete: Noun, মাছেটি, হাতিয়ারা
  • 2. Cleaver: Noun, ক্লিভার, কাটার ছুরি
  • 3. Hatchet: Noun, হ্যাচেট, কাটার ছুরি

Bush Whacker Synonyms:

Origin of ‘Bush Whacker’: The term ‘bush whacker’ originated in the United States in the mid-19th century, derived from the verb ‘whack’ meaning to strike forcefully.


  • 1. Protector: Noun, প্রতিপালক, রক্ষক
  • 2. Defender: Noun, প্রতিপালক, রক্ষক
  • 3. Guardian: Noun, অভিভাবক, রক্ষক

Usage in English Sentences:

  • 1. The bush whacker stealthily approached his target.
  • 2. The villagers were terrified of the bush whacker who roamed the forest.
  • 3. The army launched an operation to capture the notorious bush whacker.
  • 4. The bush whacker disappeared into the dense undergrowth.
  • 5. The police arrested the bush whacker after a long chase.

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