Bosk meaning in Bengali: বনমাল্য, বনবাটি, বনবৃক্ষ, বনবাটিকা

Part of speech: noun

Pronunciation: (bɒsk)

Nearby words:

  • Forest (noun) – বন
  • Grove (noun) – বনবাটি
  • Woodland (noun) – বনমাল্য
  • Thicket (noun) – জঙ্গল
  • Shrubbery (noun) – গাছমালা

Bosk synonyms:

Origin of ‘bosk’: The word ‘bosk’ originated from the Middle English word ‘bosk’, which means “a small wood or thicket.”


Usage in English Sentences:

  1. The hikers enjoyed walking through the bosk.
  2. The birds built their nests in the grove.
  3. We went for a picnic in the woodland.
  4. The thicket provided shelter for the animals.
  5. The shrubbery added beauty to the garden.

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