Amuck Meaning in Bengali

Part of Speech: Adverb

Pronunciation: uh-muhk

Meanings of Amuck in Bengali:

1. প্রচণ্ড ক্রোধে প্রবৃত্তি প্রদর্শন করে (prachanda krodhe probritti prodarshon kore)

2. হতাশা বা বিপদে হতাশ হওয়া (hotaasha ba bipode hotash hoya)

3. উন্মত্ত অবস্থায় (unmotto obosthaye)

Nearby Words:

1. Amulet (Noun) – কবচ, প্রতিষ্ঠান করা (koboch, protishthan kora)

2. Amuse (Verb) – মজা দেওয়া, আনন্দিত করা (moja deowa, anondito kora)

3. Amusement (Noun) – মজা, আনন্দ (moja, anondo)

Amuck Synonyms:

1. Rampage – উন্মত্ততা (unmotto)

2. Frenzied – উন্মত্ত (unmotto)

3. Berserk – উন্মত্ত (unmotto)

4. Wildly – উন্মত্তভাবে (unmottobhave)

5. Madly – উন্মত্তভাবে (unmottobhave)


Amuck meaning in Bengali refers to the act of behaving in a violent and uncontrolled manner, often due to extreme anger or frustration. It can also mean being in a state of despair or hopelessness. The word is commonly used to describe someone who is acting recklessly or without regard for the consequences of their actions. Amuck can be used as an adverb to describe the manner in which someone is behaving. It is important to note that the term is informal and may not be used in formal or academic contexts.


1. Calm – শান্ত (shant)

2. Composed – সমাধানবান (sommadhanban)

3. Collected – সংগ্রহশীল (sangrohoshil)

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