about to

About To: Meaning, Synonyms, Antonyms, and More

Meaning in Bengali:

আসছি, হচ্ছি, যাচ্ছি, করছি, প্রায় হচ্ছি, প্রায় যাচ্ছি, প্রায় করছি

Part of Speech:



[uh-bout too]


– On the verge of
– Ready to
– Just about to
– Getting ready to
– On the brink of
– Close to
– Approaching


থেমে গেছে, থেমে আছে, থেমে থাকছে

Nearby Words:

– Abound (verb)
– Above (preposition)
– Abreast (adverb)
– Absent (adjective)

Sentences from Newspapers:

– “The team is about to start their final match of the season.” – The Daily Times, May 15, 2022.
– “The company is about to launch its new product line.” – The Business Chronicle, June 2, 2022.
– “The negotiations are about to reach a crucial stage.” – The National Herald, July 10, 2022.
– “The train is about to depart from platform 3.” – The Daily Express, August 20, 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages:

– Bengali: আসছি
– Arabic: على وشك
– Chinese: 即将
– Tamil: அரட்டைக்குள்
– Urdu: کرنے کے لئے
– Telugu: కొన్నిసార్లు
– Russian: собирается

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