Balance  Meaning & Definition – ভারসাম্য, সমতা, নিক্তি, তুলাদণ্ড


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Balance English Meaning : ভারসাম্য, সমতা, নিক্তি, তুলাদণ্ড

Definition :

an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady..

Balance Synonyms :

Stability, equilibrium, steadiness, footing, equalize, measure, scale, stabilize, steady, weigh

Antonyms :

instability. imbalance

Balance in a Sentence :

  • This newspaper maintains a good balance in its presentation of different opinions.
  • Senior managers stipulated work-life balance as their main criterion when choosing jobs.
  • You must balance the good points against the bad points and then make your decision.
  • You must learn to keep your balance in skating.
  • She lost her balance and tumbled backwards.
  • You must balance the high salary against the long working hours.
  • Try to keep a balance between work and relaxation.
  • They strained at the ropes to balance the sails.
  • I lost my balance and fell on my face.
  • A gust of wind knocked/threw her off balance and she fell.
  • The child couldn’t keep his balance on his new bicycle.
  • Riders need a good sense of balance.
  • He lost his balance, staggered back against the rail and toppled over.
  • The wrong chemical balance can cause severe distortion of the photographic image.
  • I lost my balance and fell backwards.

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