Appropriate Meaning in Bengali

Appropriate Meaning in Bengali – উপযুক্ত, জুতসই; মানানসই; উপযোগী; সুসংগত;


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Appropriate meaning in Bengali : উপযুক্ত, জুতসই; মানানসই; উপযোগী; সুসংগত;


suitable or proper in the circumstances..

Appropriate Synonyms :

Suitable, proper, fitting, apt, relevant, connected, pertinent, apposite, applicable, germane, material, significant, right.

Antonyms :

Inappropriate, irrelevant.

 Appropriate in a Sentence :

  • She gave a speech appropriate to the occasion.
  • Use illustrations where appropriate but don’t overdo it.
  • Is now an appropriate time to make a speech?
  • Now that the problem has been identified, appropriate action can be taken.
  • Her bright clothes were not appropriate for a funeral.
  • It is appropriate that everyone be suitably attired.
  • Dress neatly and attractively in an outfit appropriate to the job.
  • It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.
  • It would not be appropriate for me to discuss that now.
  • Is this film appropriate for small children? .
  •  The book was written in a style appropriate to the age of the children.
  • I hardly think jeans are appropriate attire for a wedding.
  • Sports clothes are not appropriate for a formal wedding.
  • A dirty face is not appropriate for the school photograph.
  • The statement of our delegation was singularly appropriate to the occasion.

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