Jagged Antonym

Jagged Antonym – continuous, even, flat, level, smooth, mild, nice.


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Jagged Antonym

smooth, mild, continuous, even, flat, level, nice.

Synonym for jagged :

nicked, ragged, barbed, pointed, irregular, craggy, spiky, spiked, broken, snaggy, rough, uneven

Jagged Meaning in different languages:

  • French: déchiqueté
  • Bangla: খাঁজকাটা
  • Hindi: दांतेदार
  • Russian: зазубренный
  • Germany: gezackt
  • Maori: ka tohaina
  • Italian: frastagliato
  • Spanish: dentado
  • Arabic: مسنن

Usage of Jagged

  • The sign was on a random piece of wood with jagged edges, like it had been broken off something.
  • Innumerable kings lie tucked away here under these jagged tablets of black fudge.
  • She was about to be impaled on jagged strips of metal.
  • Many ships have been wrecked on the jagged reefs which fringe their base.
  • The wall was topped with rolls of barbed wire and jagged ends of glass stuck into the eight-foot concrete slabs.
  • The other side however is broken in about 4 parts and jagged bits of bone are sticking out.
  • They have just about sailed between the twin jagged rocks of Maastricht and recession.
  • Both this and the cabaletta have a jagged melodic contour, alternating stepwise motion with leaps from chest to head register.
  • Picasso worked from the photograph to create the blocked, jagged shapes he painted on canvas.
  • When such trend lines are smoothed, the jagged edges are sawn off.
  • If several notes are present the flame is jagged by each.
  • And interpreting images on the internet is, as many artists have taken as their very premise, a jagged and unstable project.
  • Peering up at the jagged peak, the mountain climber prepared himself for the uneven climb up.
  • The window had gone, and the floor was covered with jagged pieces of glass.
  • Her imagination jagged with tumbling violent images of what he might do to her.

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