Allocate Meaning in German

Allocate Meaning in German – zuweisen, verteilen, zuteilen


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Allocate meaning in German

zuweisen, verteilen, zuteilen


  • distribute (resources or duties) for a particular purpose.

Allocate Synonyms

push, assign, stir, administrate, apportion, deploy, move, set aside, mix, blend, assort, distribute, allot, dominate, dial.

Allocate in a Sentence

  • And we can talk about whether we want to allocate fewer resources to the aged.
  • Our plan is to allocate one member of staff to handle appoint-ments.
  • Knowledge of halo effects is crucial in determining how to allocate advertising funds across a portfolio of products.
  • The plan is to allocate a portion of our earnings to our vacation fund so we can take a cruise next year.
  • Depreciation accounting is simply a technique used to allocate the cost of a capital asset over its expected useful life.
  • In addition, they would allocate local grants and manage local parks and libraries.
  • The majority of forests in this province have been allocated through long term licenses mostly controlled by a few large corporations.
  • Individual investors and Wall Street money managers tend to allocate more of their resources to countries with bigger stock markets.
  • It is not the job of the investigating committee to allocate blame for the disaster/to allocate blame to individuals.
  • The admin staff is suggesting that the space which has been allocated for their offices in the new building is insufficient.
  • They may have the ability to decide how to allocate scarce resources, whether they are finances, promotions or new equipment.
  • Markets always generate good outcome and allocate resources efficiently.
  • Almost half of a teacher’s time is allocated to preparing classes and marking assignments and tests.
  • All societies differentiate and, to a greater or lesser extent, allocate unequal rewards on the basis of age.
  • The simplest way to do this is to randomly allocate people to different conditions.
  • These portfolios differ from each other only by the set of weights, w, that are used to allocate capital among combinations.

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