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Affluence Meaning in Spanish

Affluence Meaning in Spanish – la afluencia, la opulencia, la riqueza, la abundancia


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Affluence meaning in Spanish

la afluencia, la opulencia, la riqueza, la abundancia


  • an abundant flow or supply
  • the state of having a great deal of money.
  • abundance of property.
  • a flowing to or toward a point
  • the state of having a lot of money and possessions

Affluence Synonyms

ingress, stream, inundation, flux, intrusion, inrush, influx, wealth, flood,  inflow, income, richness, incursion, inpouring, profusion, invasion, rush.


emigration, flight, outflow, efflux, outpouring, exodus, effluence.

Affluence in a Sentence

  • Since James is an arrogant young man who comes from a wealthy family, he often brags about his family’s affluence.
  • They are the products of post-war affluence.
  • Because William’s affluence allows him to donate generously to the Police Benevolent Association, he never receives traffic tickets.
  • The 1950s were an age of affluence in America.
  • Their affluence is more apparent than real.
  • For them, affluence was bought at the price of less freedom in their work environment.
  • There is a lot of affluence in this part of the state because it has many businesses.
  • When Matt’s parents used their affluence to build the school’s new facility, Matt was quickly admitted to the college.
  • Paid holidays, more affluence and cheaper travel have turned the last few decades into an era of travel.
  • The comparative affluence of working class youth in the sixties allowed the building-up of large groups of mobile supporters.
  • However, affluence and technological advances have created new kinds of safety hazards for people who live in Western society.
  • The effect of increasing affluence is to minimize the importance of economic goals.
  • Pockets of affluence coexist with poverty.
  • The postwar era was one of new affluence for the working class.
  • Lance has never wanted for anything because of his parents’ affluence.
  • Even though Miles was a man of affluence, he owned only two pairs of shoes in his lifetime.
  • Furthermore, the same affluence encourages an increased array of leisure time activity choices.
  • A sign of the man’s affluence was his valuable art collection.
  • Gail credits her early retirement and affluence to working hard and saving carefully.

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