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Advance Meaning in Telugu

Advance Meaning in Telugu – ముందుగానే, బయానా, ముందస్తు/ముందుకుసాగడం


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Advance meaning in Telugu

ముందుగానే, బయానా, ముందస్తు/ముందుకుసాగడం


  • move forwards in a purposeful way.
  • a forward movement.
  • make or cause to make progress.

Advance Synonyms :

promote, propel, preparatory, progress, develop, accelerate, give impetus to, facilitate, burgeon, evolve,  boost, ripen, mature, impel, evolve, change, stimulate, beforehand, move up, grow, shift to an earlier date, grow, push on, bring forward, carry forward.

Advance in a Sentence :

  • We feared that an advance on the capital would soon follow.
  • I’d advise buying your tickets well in advance if you want to travel in August.
  • Much advance publicity was given to the talks.
  • Rebel forces are said to be advancing on the second largest city.
  • She disengaged the film advance mechanism on the camera.
  • You had better ask him in advance how much it will cost.
  • She walked 2 yards in advance of her husband.
  • They have to pay in advance.
  • Tickets must be bought seven days in advance, with outward and return journey dates specified.
  • Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.
  • They were followed by an age of philosophizing which did little to advance speculation.
  • The recent advances in medicine are remarkable.
  • The advantage of booking tickets in advance is that you get better seats.
  • His inability to speak Telugu has limited his advancement in the federal public service.
  • They retreated before the advance of the enemy.
  • Most jobs will let you have a day off from work, but also like to know the date in advance.
  • The company will advance you some money to cover your costs during the conference.
  • The advance must be repaid to the publisher if the work is not completed on time.
  • The classification was quite new, and made a step distinctly in advance of anything.
  • I asked the client to advance me $500 for materials at the beginning of the contract.

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